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Arrowhead Stairs & Trim began 25 years ago as a stair company and later evolved into a stair, door and trim company. Today, we also work with hardware, cabinets and cedar. We design, build and install everything we make — and it all begins with our Showroom in Farmers Branch.

Builders and homeowners alike are welcome at the Arrowhead Stairs & Trim Showroom in Farmer’s Branch. The Showroom is a place where visitors can see our products and how they might work well together. When you arrive, our expert designers meet with you to discuss possibilities that will make your home design dreams come true — from doors, hardware and trim to stairs, iron balusters, cedar, shutters, mantles and more.

Because they’re typically the first thing visitors see as they enter your home, stairs are a critical component to any home’s design. They’re also part of the hottest trend in interior home design today. A beautiful staircase can be the focal point or conversation piece that gives your home a whole new look.

Changing doors on an existing home or picking the right doors for a new construction can make an equally significant impact. If you’ve picked a certain style for your stairs, we can help you choose a door type and style to perfectly compliment that. Whatever your preference, Arrowhead Stairs & Trim provides an unmatched, customer-focused door building and installation experience. We build, deliver and install about 400 doors a day — more than any other company in the DFW Metroplex.

The first step is to discuss what type of home you envision. Traditional or contemporary, wood or stone, any color preference — if you can imagine it, the Arrowhead Stairs & Trim Design Showroom can make it a reality. Once the project design is complete, we can transport product anywhere in the DFW Metroplex and complete your installation.

Most homeowners now want a unique design and living experience as opposed to a cookie-cutter home. Whether you’re considering home interior upgrades or modernizing an existing home, let the Arrowhead Stairs & Trim Showroom bring your unique dream to life.

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Arrowhead Stairs & Trim Creates the Custom Designs You Desire

We have a flair for changing the way people work to make it more financially as well as aesthetically efficient for our customers, and successfully do so with our innovative carpentry experience. We want to make your project as unique as you are and know that we are the right crew for the job.

Contact Arrowhead Stairs & Trim today to find out more about the products and design processes.

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